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WATTx asked
How might we help individual internet users know more about the data they are sharing with (or potentially selling to) third parties and how to better control it so it is less of a black box?
63% of small companies have indicated they are unprepared or confused when it comes to the new data protection law coming effective in May 2018, GDPR. 55% are companies without a structured compliance process or legal resources. GDPR has heavy sanctions for non-compliance - 20M euros or 4% of annual revenue. Although companies will face many compliance challenges, the most prominent is knowing where to start. Enter CheckMate, an easy to use checklist tool that asks simple questions to help businesses understand more about GDPR—turbo tax style. CheckMate takes in user responses to generate personalized recommendations. GDPR will disrupt the current data sharing ecosystem, where companies use and sell your data in a very non-transparent process. Companies will need to change their practices in many ways, and will look to CheckMate to figure out where they stand.