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Frog Design asked
How might VR/AR allow us (designers) to collaboratively design spatial experiences?
The design process is time consuming and expensive, especially when creating physical products. Today designers make small-scale models that don't convey the detail of their work or they wait weeks to get prototypes made from international manufacturers. Using VRoom, our asset manipulation tool designers can view their work in a VR environment and make real-time changes. That reduces iterations, time, and money spent debating over designs. Enabling collaborative 3D asset viewing and quick modification not only improves the design experience among designers, it also enriches the client experience and improves agency-client relations by offering a highly-accurate view of the physical product before it has been created. Further, designers can bring clients into their process by allowing them to see requested minor modifications on the fly. The VR environment could also create opportunity for other advanced features, such as the recording of video walkthroughs and speech-to-text comments.