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Bloomberg asked
How might we help disadvantaged youth and young professionals gain skills required from organizations/companies to get a job?
Imagine facing a world that it is formed around systems that instead of lifting you up, they bring you down. Some may get the opportunity - and luck - to reach their goals with ease. Still, many face difficulties in their lives, such as low-quality school systems, high-crime environments and limited access to higher education, all of which promote a cycle in which they simply can’t get out from. Youths and young professionals from disadvantaged backgrounds have life experiences and opportunities that don’t live up to the so called American Dream. In urban cities, such as New York, there is a huge amount of youths and young professionals that start their lives and careers at a disadvantage versus their peers. Today, almost half of New Yorkers live near poverty and barely making ends meet, and to make matters worse, the income gap continues to widen. Getting a job in STEM field would be a great opportunity to have access to better opportunities and earn better livelihoods in order stop the poverty cycle in which they simply can’t get out from. This is why our product exists, to match the youth in New York to opportunities and resources within the STEM field. It can help them to find a class that develops their interests or career change, find a mentor to build a career plan or prepare for interviews and a peer to build connections, and ultimately, find a job in which they can excel and apply their skills. This is our purpose.